2015 Chevrolet will have a Sports Car for Everyone

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Next year, Chevrolet will have the best performance model lineup than ever before – with the new Corvette Z06 convertible, eight Camaros, three other corvette models Chevy will offer a total of twelve performance models. The ranges of horsepower amongst the sports cars vary between 323 HP to 625 HP. Mark Reuss, the Executive Vice President of Global Product Development for Chevrolet said, “For 2015, Chevrolet will have the best range in our history, offering a performance car for virtually every enthusiast, from the 7.9 L/100 km Camaro LS to the 625-Horsepower Corvette Z06 Convertible Supercar.” The next year will be a historical year for Chevrolet, for multiple reasons – it will be the first year ever that a Z06 will be a convertible and it is an all-time high record of Chevy sports cars.

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