Chevrolet Funds Energy Efficient Projects at the University of Illinois

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has plans to go green – Chevy has agreed to buy and retire 150,000 metric tons of certified carbon credits from the university as a part of its voluntary carbon-reduction initiative. This is in part of the brands announcement earlier this year that stated they would develop a formula where campuses can earn money for certain efficiency upgrades that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Our campus has taken a significant first step in reducing its carbon footprint. Chevrolet has rewarded these positive steps by joining with campus leadership to provide more than $1 million to help our campus achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Professor Evan DeLucia, director of the University’s new Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment. Chevrolet will help the campus surpass its goal to reduce building-related greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2015. David Tulauskas, General Motors’ sustainability director commented, “Turning a university energy-efficiency progress into carbon credits enables them to reinvest in even more clean energy technologies. Chevrolet is supporting the ingenious ways people are reducing carbon and spreading the word about the benefits of a clean energy future.” If you would like to read the full article, please click on the link below:




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